Dear ! Please read these 7 frequently asked questions before contacting.
If, Adidas and Reebok have time and Victoria’s Secret, sold by lot, it means minimum purchase of 22 units. All quality OUTLET.
No and we never guarantee this. Premium quality means that the clothes are semi new, little use, not worn, with strong colors, many people think that the Premium and Supremium quality are clothing brand and label and that’s not right, every bundle of clothing premium they could go with the famous label clothes or lot of brands but this is all luck. So we confirm that there is no guarantee that pure labels or markings. We only guarantee the quality.
We have no idea what we know is that we do not separate the brands apart, means all bundles come with brands but do not know what brands are and not the quantity, it’s your fate.
You can not do this, but if there are lots clients who come to Iquique especially to buy used American and European clothing. We have special prices for customers of clothing coming from Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia. So welcome to all customers who come from these countries.
Frequent questions:
If, from the branch of Santiago, we dispatched after ordering and account bank transfer to the importer. We have customers from Arica to Punta Arenas.
It means that the clothes are first choice and comes in very acceptable and salable condition. The bales are first overall quality of the best and most sought after in the used clothing business in Chile. The Premium Bales are more better because the garments are in excellent condition.
They are more used clothes top quality American Apparel, although such bales are not bad, on the contrary there are traders who prefer to work in this type of merchandise because the bales are sufficiently cheap second.
If we can prepare bundles such as some mining companies among others use such special cleaning textiles. We have very good deals for companies needing bales Windshield Wipers (Wipers). Greater information call our phone (serious buyers only).
Never guarantee that, but there bales Premium clothes that are high quality, these bundles contain items return or outlet but also contains premium quality used.
Yes we have a special channel on youtube where we show the contents of the bales and the quality of our American clothing worn, click the sgte phrase to enter our channel “Videos presented by American Apparel Importadora CasaDeRopa”.
Yes, if you like click to sgte phrase to see our fan page “Importadora Ltda Clothing House on Facebook”.
Premium bundles generally contain return American clothing and used clothing in excellent condition, bone are better or newer than quality clothes.
We never force and snagged the burden does not exist in our business philosophy! You decide to buy. You can safely carry a Premium Bundle if you want, or just a bundle of first. We like to do well in your business.
Bales sold some open if more information consult Santiago Branch.
Yes, we have bales of used clothing available in different types and quality according to customer needs

If you have other questions or want more information call 02-28843303 or +56942325547. or visit our branch located in Santiago Calle Obispo Manuel Umaña Salinas 108, Comuna Central Station, Santiago de Chile. Also welcome in our great Galpón in Iquique, street sta cruz 37, G3, Mza D.

Remember that there are 7 qualities in this business Clothing American Apparel and 3 as others try to pass.

OUTLET quality, Premium Quality, Supreme Quality, Quality First, Quality Second, Third quality, quality for Huiape (wiper’s)