American clothing bales in Iquique and Santiago

Welcome to Importer and Distributor House Clothing LTDA. We are an importer based in the Free Zone of Iquique and links with major US wholesalers work under direct Importancion with the products most valued by our consumers.

Bales American clothes. Clothing and footwear, recycled clothing, return American clothing and much more. Shipping all over Chile. American Apparel selected. Premium offer Bales clothing, clothing Bales OUTLET, Bales of first choice, second choice Bales.

Quality and price is our motto and our business philosophy. We look for the best products at the best price to put it in the hands of our customer.

Today and after 8 months we are very proud of our Premium and Supreme Bales as all our customers have loved this kind of Bundle which will continue to offer and selling. According to the testimonies of our buyers, bundles of clothes from home premium and supreme throughout Chile they are unique and without competition in price and quality. But you know the true Premium and Supreme bales then we invite you to visit our importer and we invite you to watch some videos on our Youtube channel exclusively for quality American clothing we offer.

Offer bundles American clothing from 38 to 45 Kg

We work with the following product lines:

  • American clothes
  • Shoes – Shoes – Boots
  • Articles Credencial
  • Cachureos
  • Toys – Plush Toys
  • Wallets and belts
  • Bales Premium and Supreme